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Agnes Mirembe

Program Manager, Activist for Rural Women’s Empowerment and Agricultural Development

Agnes Mirembe's mission is to support women to increase agricultural production for household food security and income generation. Currently, she's a leader for the organization Actions For Rural Women's Empowerment which operates in the central and north-eastern regions of Uganda focusing on socio-economic empowerment of women and children.

When the AFRWE group first began, they worked only in one small rural area in Uganda. Now, they help many communities of Uganda with the goal to serve women in the east African region as a whole.

Mirembe's spoke up about ARUWE's partnership with Global Fund for Women: "At the beginning I found it very hard to speak with confidence. After going to convenings and learning from our partners, we have been empowered with skills to communicate and articulate the outcomes and impact of our work. Before, the staff at ARUWE was very intimidated, myself included. But now our confidence has been boosted, and that has been really key."

Mirembe emphasizes the importance of understanding the target demographic from the ground in her interview with the Global Fund for Women organization, "This partnership has built very good leadership, not only at the institutional level, but even in the communities. Some of the women we are working with have just finished voting election exercises, and we have two that are working on local level councils. There they can represent and talk about the issues that the women are really struggling with. It’s a beautiful thing to have leaders come out of the people that we are working with. We are so proud."

Actions for Impact



Offer trainings for the change you wish to see in the world. ARUWE offers women skill development for organic sustainability farming and business management.



AEUWE works to teach women about their health, land, and economic rights, to focus on women and children’s socio-economic empowerment.



Run election exercises and leadership trainings so the women know how to vote in elections and can participate in local councils.

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