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Katja Iversen

Development expert, Communicator,  Health adviser

Katja Iversen considers herself a fierce advocate for investments in gender equality, health and  women rights. And she is correct! Currently the President and CEO of Women Deliver, Iversen has more than 25 years of work experience with NGOS, corporations and the United Nations agencies. An internationally acclaimed expert on development and communications, the last decade of her career has been dedicated to advancing global health. Her main areas of expertise are maternal, sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Along with her humanitarian history, Katja Iversen is also a sought lectured and speaker. She often talks about how progress has been made on several fronts. For instance, access to education and technology also have a direct impact on women and girl’s health. Therefore, it is vital to work with influencers in communities, whether it’s the teacher, a preacher, a parent or a local businessman - all of them play the important roles of advocates for girls’ future.

Actions for Impact


Find Solutions

Why try to reinvent the wheel? Look at proven ways it can be done within the health field, education, economic empowerment, and women’s access to resources.



Educate Girls

Access to water and sanitation is very important. Having a simple toilet can raise the school’s attendance.


Educate Men

Everybody wins when countries invest in girls and women. It’s very important to involve men and women in government, communities, and families.

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