Women help other women

Kristina Koch

Peacekeeper, Trainer, Mentor

Kristina Koch is the Chief of Recruitment Section at the United Nations Field Missions. She is currently involved in a major innovative challenge: recruiting to each gender parity.


A positive thinker, Koch is responsible for inspiring women to strive for a career in Senior level positions in peacekeeping. The Senior Women Talent Pipeline is a revolutionary pool of highly qualified women candidates who are particularly able to serve UN peacekeeping operations. This is an ongoing initiative to convince women to join often male-dominated areas such as logistics, engineering, charity and  IT. This program offers applicants a holistic training and mentoring method in collaboration with Folks Bernadotte Academy and Swedish International Training Center.


Women go through a very democratic process as all candidates have to follow the same route and meet the exact quality standards. As there is no post guaranteed, the main goal is to boost women’s competitive spirit and show their strengths. These women‘s profiles include political affairs, civil affairs, mission support, public information, rule of law and security institutions.


A top advisor, she talks frankly about the daily struggle of juggling the roles of being a mother, a dedicated professional and an empowering leader. She believes that working in peace building is more relevant than humanitarian organizations. While the latter only puts a bandaid on the injury, the first changes the root causes of the problem and promotes security so communities can lead a normal life. “One of the things I love telling people about why peacekeeping is so fulfilling is that you can see real progress before your eyes”, she concludes.

Actions for Impact


Help Women

Reinforce the importance of women helping other women and “taking the lead.”


Work in Peace

There's a myriad of opportunities that are available across UN peacekeeping operations for senior-level female professionals. Join today!


Train Peacemakers

Already a peacekeeper? Mentor, coach and support female leaders to see real progress in peace building operations.

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