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Mohamed Abubakr

Human Rights Activist and Peacemaker

Advocate, Speaker, and Mentor for Youth in MENA

Mohamed Abubakr has a mission to to mobilize, empower, and unite millennial leaders and activists from the Middle East and Africa (MEA) to build resilient, inclusive societies that are free from discrimination, persecution, and violent coercion, and to advocate for policies in support of these goals.

Mr. Abubakr is the founder of AMEL: African Middle Eastern Leadership Project. He has volunteered in, worked for, and founded numerous national and international civil society organizations, and since arriving in the United States has become a sought after voice at the State Department and in Congress concerning policy and human rights issues in the region.

Advocating for rights across Middle Eastern Africa,  Abubakr speaks out: “I was raised mainly by my mother, observant Muslim, in a quite liberal house where I was never forced to be Muslim in any way. To this day, I identify as a cultural Muslim, not really practicing at all,” Abubakr says. (On the Sharia Law): “I just remember thinking how unfair it was, why it only targeted women and not men,” he says, thinking back to the day Sharia law mandated his sisters wear hijab. “The whole law and the whole police unit that was put in place just to enforce that law.”... Sudan before was socialist secular democracy before the Islamists came to power, Sharia was something that is quite foreign to people,” he says. “Before Islamists came over virginity wasn't a thing, honor wasn't a thing now it is. Now that's the culture. After 27 years of Islamism it became the norm.” 

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Share your time and know-how as a volunteer, intern or mentor for The AMEL Project.


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Engage with the group you are serving. Through online training, speaking engagements and fellowships, bold and creative young African and Middle Eastern activists are able to spread inspiration, dialogue and solidarity, while at the same time building their skills and experience to ascend to top leadership positions.

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