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Wade Davis

​Professional League Sports, LGBTQ Equality, Masculinity

American speaker, activist, writer, educator and former American NFL football player

Wade might have started his successful career in the sports world, but now he has a much more important mission: promote diversity and create space for LGBT athletes.  As NFL's first LGBT inclusion consultant,  he currently consults for numerous professional sports leagues on issues at the intersection sexism, racism and homophobia. Wade creates league-wide inclusive leadership strategies, leads inclusion-training sessions for coaches and players, and builds and launches national engagement initiatives.

Wade is a UN Women Global Champion for Innovation, part of the 50th Anniversary Advisory Council for the National Fair Housing Alliance, and is a founding member of VICE’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory board with Gloria Steinem and Roberta Kaplan. He has partnered with Planned Parenthood, the Ms. Foundation and Huffington Post Women, separately launching unique initiatives and PSA’s to define, establish, and achieve the political, social and economic equality for women and men.

A former national surrogate for President Obama, Wade has taught at both NYU and Rutgers University. Wade is currently consulting for Google and advising Fortune 500 companies in co-creating transformative solutions to build inclusive corporate cultures. Wade coaches senior leaders to adapt their leadership styles to include and address a more diverse employee population.

Actions for Impact


Engage Men

Engage men in the dialog of gender equity and equality. Wade has built a Six-session Men’s Gender Equality Development program with the UN.


Act more

Create new norms that bridge the gap between thought and action. Ensure that gender equality advocates evolve from being vocal allies to action oriented change-makers. That way you can create successful leaders who foster an organizational culture that celebrates diversity and equality.


Run a Campaign

Start a campaign to engage, educate, and help men understand what actions to take towards gender equality.

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